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My open letter to Motorola / review of the MotoKRZR, aka KRZR, aka Worthlittle

From: Dan Broschart (me)

I have been experiencing much displeasure with the KRZR (K1m h/w rev 0) bought via Verizon which I have had for 9 months and would like to know if there is a fix yet or at least a recall on this phone. In short, the phone is horrible.


  1. The battery now only lasts for 24 hours at best - it is only about 9 months old and has seen quite normal usage. Talk time for myself is always quite minimal - perhaps 200 to 300 minutes a month and 200 to 300 or so text messages as well. This is incredibly horrible degredation, since the phone used to be able to operate for 3 days without requiring a charge; but I try to always keep it charged each night because I know that fully draining the Lithium Ion batteries is not good for them.
  2. The phone is slow. Very slow. Slow in everything. When the phone starts up it cannot even correctly play the intro animation without hiccupping! I only endured it for this long because I had hopes that a software or firmware release might occur that fixed this. It is ridiculously slow. It can take anywhere from 7 to 10 seconds for my text messaging inbox to come up (it is near capacity, but even when empty it took over a second to come up). Right now I have around 500 contacts and it takes 3 seconds for that list to come up. There is no excuse for this.
  3. Button presses do not get queued up in an expected way: When at the main screen I can press the button to view contacts and then if I immediately press the down arrow (because I am jumping the gun on scrolling down the contacts) and then wait the few seconds for the UI to respond, I do not get the contact list coming up, but instead see the Inbox! Then if I press CLR to close the inbox view I see the contact list up now! What you have done is emulate Microsoft Windows in that keystrokes get queued for the currently active application as opposed to being queued up and then released to whatever the active application is AFTER the requested action has fully completed. This is a horrible idea when your phone's UI takes multiple seconds to respond, because to help deal with the slowness one might want to queue up a few "scroll down requests" immediately after pressing the button to view contacts, especially if the phone sits on it's ass for a few seconds before showing the contacts.
  4. The phone CRASHES and is rendered 100% useless for video AND photo display and recording when too many pictures or videos have been saved to the memory card in the expansion slot. I only have a 1 gig card in the slot and am using 214.56MB of its storage right now for a combination of photos and videos I have taken with the phone. This is pathetic. If I try to take a photo now the phone will hang forever until it reboots itself, if I try to view my photos the phone will hang forever until it resets, and the same thing occurs with videos.

Motorola, what can you do for me?

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