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This guesbook has been replaced by one I wrote myself, located here: www.foolfactor.com/forum

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Phillip McCrevise
Daddy, when do I get to be president? -Bush Jr.

In your mom's room.

June 5, 2100
11:55 PM

A guy, JeremyMRX7, wrote, "NICE WEB PAGE, pretty sweet" I agree-- but where's the fricken political humor...


June 4, 2100
9:51 PM

hey hottie- i thought you were going to be making our own book? well i will see you in a little while here at home. luv ya AnAngel

Fool Factor Nine


June 4, 2100
1:47 PM

Mr. F. and Mr. H. have their websites up... not bad. Maybe you could write something in this guestbook guys.

Fool Factor Nine

Website updates

April 24, 2100
1:35 AM

I have been updating the website recently, and would appreciate comments if the site happens to look like crap in your browser (or if it looks ok too!)

To Do List:
* Make all other pages conform to similar formats as the home page, and the photo pages.
* Create page describing some ways to make easy money via your computer and the internet.
* Create thumbnails and index all my pics.
* Mirror the site.
* Create LEASING page.

Fool Factor Nine


February 24, 2000
2:46 PM

It looks like most of my visitors are coming from Yahoo, and are looking for java calculators. If you are one of those people, feel free to email me about any questions about my calculator program.


December 9, 1999
3:02 AM

sob....sob !!!


December 8, 1999
11:48 AM

YAY and happy 4 month anniversary to you too!!!! XXOOXO

Fool Factor Nine

It's all good

December 8, 1999
11:27 AM

YAY I will be headding out around 12:30 today. See ya later, and happy 4 month aniversary. OOXXOX

Fool Factor Nine

Still waiting in Corvallis

December 8, 1999
11:22 AM

Well I am still waiting to hear back from Mike. So if I do leave early enough for me to have any time at all to see you then I will ICQ you ... well I will ICQ you either way of course / and update the guestbook. So that when you get home you will know if I will be back in time or not.

Cyndi Solway

December 8, 1999
9:38 AM

Dan if you leave at 5:30 today just call me when you get home.XXX

Daniel Broschart
Fool Factor Nine


December 6, 1999
11:17 AM

I use ICQ and AOL IM. My AIM name is DaBrosch.

Heather Soczek
I don't have one

December 4, 1999
8:36 PM

I'm BikerChickster...see I actually came! :) You have some pretty good pictures. Well, I'm off to my rave! I'll see ya later!Heather :)

Daniel Broschart
Fool Factor Nine


December 2, 1999
2:30 PM

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Fool Factor Nine
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