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Mikael Bonnier's Pocket Calculator:

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(C) 1995-1996 by Mikael Bonnier, Lund, Sweden. The source:

Dan Broschart's Calculator:
  • Description: A Java applet calculator with +,-,*,/, memory operations, clear display, and factorial calculation through iterative and recursive calculations. This calculator allows you to change your mind about which operation you wanted to perform, i.e. You can click + but then click *, and the * operation will be calculated when you hit the = key.

  • Feature:  If you enter a number and then choose an operation, and then hit =, the number in the display will perform the operation on itself, i.e. 9 * 9.
Anonymous Pocket Calculator
  • Description: A simple java applet calculator. There is also a regular java version of the calculator.
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