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The 1979 Cadillac Eldorado
It runs pretty darn good for 166k miles.... and is


This car is a fully loaded luxery car, that is extremely compfortable, and very fun to drive. I am definitely going to miss it.
  • 12 month warrenty on transmission AND torque converter by AAMCO!!
    Newly rebuilt torque converter by AAMCO.
  • A couple weeks ago I took the car to a Cadillac dealer shop in town, and had a $40
    oil flushing / cleaning / change done to it. They also performed a detailed
    inspection which I have the results of, and turned out great I might add.
  • Everything still works!
    • Power windows, locks, trunk.
    • Air Conditioning
    • Climate Control
      Automatic temperature sensing-- you just choose the desired temperature.
    • Cruise Control
    • Electronic Fuel Injection
    • Twilight Sentinel
      Turns on/off headlights automatically when dark out.
    • 6-way adjustable front seats! Very cool.
    • Tilting and telescoping steering wheel.
    • Mirrors are adjusted from inside the car.
    • Outside thermometer on driver's side mirror.
    • Automatic leveling system
      Helps compensate for a loaded trunk.
  • Leather interior (in nice condition)
  • Origional chrome spoke wheelcovers
    These are definitely unique, because they are much wider than any other Cadillac wheelcovers I have ever seen.
  • Great body style, with dings and small scratches in the origional paint as expected, but still looks great.
  • Darn fine looking interior too.
  • Scroll down for more specifications and history.
  • Aftermarket additions
    • Avital Remote Access2. Remote trunk release, and keyless entry. MSRP $129

    • JVC KD-SX840 CD Player (1999 model) with remote control.
      160watts with BBE. Original retail price: $260.

    • 2 Pioneer TS-A4103 speakers (4" X 10") MSRP $125

    • 2 Pioneer TS-A4612 speakers (4" X 6") MSRP $85

    • 2 Pioneer TS-WX70 subwoofers (8") '99 model, Orig. Retail price: $175 each.
      NOT to be included with sale of car. Photo is of 2000 model.

    • Crunch DS-1004 400watt amplifier. www.crunchusa.com
      NOT to be included with sale of car. MSRP $159.

    • About $40 of Monster Cable wiring, which I may leave in with the car.

    • I suggest you check out DealDeal.com if you are looking for a good deal on electronics (They have car stereos, alarms, and a lot more.)

  • More Specifications
  • The engine is the V-8 350(5.7L)
    - Torque: 270 ft/lbs at 2000rpm
    - Horsepower: 170 at 4200rpm
  • Automatic Transmission.
  • Actual city fuel economy: 9-10 mpg.
    Actual hiway fuel economy: 13-14 mpg.
  • I just renewed the registration on May of 2000.
  • Oil and filter changed every 3,000 to 3,150 miles, last time was at 166,000 miles.
  • Air filter replaced on 5/26/200. (It requires the 1980 air filter replacement).
  • Spark plugs and wires replaced in 1996 at 147,609 miles.
  • New front right axle and boot (replaced because the boot had gotten ripped).
  • All rocker arm pivots and any worn-looking rocker arms were replaced with new ones
    this last July.
  • The car of course has a spare wheel in the trunk, but I also happen to have a spare
    tire in good condition for this car too!
  • I will include the owners manual, and the Chilton's automotive repair manual for the car.
  • I have several other various spare parts for the car that I will include too!
  • Front tires have lots of tread left, rear tires are getting low on tread.
    - It is a front wheel drive car, and I have rotated the tires.
  • My grandfather bought this car used 1 year old, and I recieved the car in 1995.
    He took care of it, and so have I.

The only reason I am selling this car is because I need a more economical vehicle.
I might sell my amp and subs if offered enough money, but I really don't want to sell them.

________________________________________________________________________ Price: $1,480.00
Includes: 12 month warrenty on transmission and torque converter,
    remote keyless entry, CD player, 4 fine Pioneer spearkers (2 - 4x10's and 2 - 4x6's),
    and POSSIBLY FREE installed Monster Cable Wiring for an amplifier of HIGH WATTAGE.


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