A conversation between myself, Dan, and Adam

Screennames have been changed to protect the innocent.

Phillius: Can you solve the puzzle without moving in the fourth dimension?
Jeempt: THere are 4 dimensions?
Phillius: Of course.
Jeempt: How do you mean?
Phillius: Nothing crazy...
Phillius: Time.
Jeempt: Time does not exist
Phillius: Without the dimension of time, you would have to instantaneaously solve the puzzle.
Phillius: There is only one way that could happen.
Phillius: If it was already solved.
Jeempt: If time does not exist, there is no "instantaneously"
Phillius: But time does exist.
Jeempt: So you say
Phillius: If it doesn't then explain now.
Phillius: Did I not just write that?
Phillius: Or is that just a FAKE memory?
Phillius: Hmm, if you could move without regard to time...

Jeempt: the word "now" is man-made
Phillius: you would be moving at the speed of light.
Phillius: Therefore your mass would be infinite.
Phillius: If you had the ability to exist in all three dimensional places at the same time (same thing as time not existing) then you would be leaving your mass everywhere.
Phillius: ...as you moved around.
Phillius: Like a vid camera drug effect that has that shadow/strobe effect.

Jeempt: lol
Phillius: That would be life in the third dimension without the fourth.

Bool Factor.